Gaylords of Darkness

Episode 46 - Sociopathic Children, Horniness, and Astrology

a year ago

Episode 46: Sociopathic Children, Horniness, and Astrology

The stars align this week as the Gaylords celebrate killer kids with Bloody Birthday (1981) and Orphan (2009). Stacie & Anthony examine the folly of procreation, the death of the nuclear family, killer scrapbooking, Vera Farmiga’s hotness, their least/favorite horror tropes, and much more!

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When the clock strikes 6:66, the Gaylords of Darkness (Anthony Hudson & Stacie Ponder) come forth to chart the arcane world of horror through a queer lens - with occasional visits from ghouls, goblins, and briefcase women from the 1980s.